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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sharing Your Stuff

Recently, I did a study at church about generosity. It was challenging to say the least. It wasn't about money per se. Generosity of the heart is manifested by how we give - not just through money.

As you can see from below, the kitten is still here. It is still un-named, in hopes that someone will want him. He's decided that his favorite place to sleep is the bed Tilly has long favored.
Tilly is not happy about sharing. At first, she just would go lay down on the carpet when she found the kitten in her bed. Then, she decided it was her bed darn it and she was not going to share!
This is nothing new. When Tilly first got here, she slept in the bed Olive usually used. Olive wasn't happy about this.
Are we really any different? The "don't touch my stuff" mentality is deeply ingrained within us. We are naturally selfish and it doesn't take much looking around to see that is getting worse.

Only the Lord changes our heart sufficiently to want to share, to want to help others. When we recognize that everything we have is a gift that we don't deserve, then sharing is that much easier.

I'd like to be less selfish. But I don't want to enough. I need to pray to want to change. I can't change on my own. I like thinking about me and I like my stuff. If I can somehow pry my eyes off my own interests and focus on the good things the Lord provides, then I can think of how they are such wonderful gifts that I want to share.

Gotta go. One of my friends is having me over for breakfast. I probably should find something to share....

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