Monday, August 30, 2010

Leading the Way

Perhaps you remember Roxie from a previous post. She was a fun dog, and this picture is worth sharing.

Even though Roxie had not been to my house before, she wanted to walk ME around the neighborhood. This would not do. She didn't know the way, yet being young and energetic, she grabbed the leash to pull me where she wanted to go.

If I had allowed Roxie to continue in her chosen direction, she would have ended up in the middle of the road. Without a doubt, her life would be in danger if she continued on the path she wanted to pursue.

This has been true for me too. I'm stubborn and I like to be in control. While not so young and energetic anymore, I still wish to pursue the path I want. Yet, God knows better. He knows if I'm too close to the road. He gently pulls me back to safety. However, if I turned my heart from him, He'd allow me to play in the road, leaving me to endure the consequences.

No one wants to think about being on anyone else's leash. However, sometimes the one holding the other end has earned the right to lead.

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