Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Nathan Alan Willoughby will Miss Most at the Rescue

As the young woman filled out the questionnaire on the clipboard, Nathan Alan Willoughby knew he'd soon be leaving the Westwood Rescue for Good Cats. He placed one paw on the young lady's leg and purred. She patted his head. He had the feeling that his head would be getting lots of pats, which made him very happy.

The Westwood Rescue for Good Cats had provided him with protection and consistent food and shelter. Yet, he'd always longed for more and it looked like finally he'd experience whatever that was. There would be very little he'd miss. One face came to mind, and that was of his friend, Tau Tau. She had been so small when she arrived at the rescue, she fit in the palm of the volunteer's hand. She was fresh from a flea bath and was not in a good mood.

Nathan Alan Willoughby stood by her when the other cats sniffed and hissed. He didn't want to get so close to frighten her away, and think he also was an enemy. He quietly made his presence known, waiting for her to realize he was there to be her friend.

It took a while. Tau Tau's fur grew out to a beautiful glossy coat. She looked healthy and dainty, a far cry from how she looked when she arrived. Nathan Alan Willoughby was proud to have her as his friend, not because she was so lovely (though it was a definite perk), but because she relied on him just the right amount. She didn't cling to him, and she didn't ignore him.

Nathan Alan Willoughby wasn't surprised when a nice young couple visiting the Red Room spotted her and cooed over her. She was sleeping in between the cushions of the couch, one of her more endearing looks.

The couple filled out a clipboard, and then Tau Tau was gone. While the woman held her, Nathan Alan Willoughby noticed how Tau Tau stared at the woman's face and purred. His heart sunk, but just a little bit. As the couple turned to go out the door, Tau Tau glanced back for a short moment and gave him the slow blink that lifted his soul.

While he realized he'd likely never see Tau Tau again, he could not be sad. Afterall, he knew she was going somewhere better. Nathan Alan Willoughby stared at the closed door for a long time after it closed. He realized one more, very important thing. Tau Tau was gone, but his heart was still filled. Even though he couldn't see her any more, love had not disappeared. In his heart, love thrived.

And now he was going home too.


  1. I just found your blog and am working my way backwards through it, but I had to stop and comment on this post. I found out today that my favorite aunt lost her battle with breast cancer this past weekend, and I really needed the lesson in this story. Thanks.

  2. Sorry about losing your aunt, Danielle. I'm humbled by your words and am thankful they offer some comfort.