Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Elvis is in the Kennel

This is Elvis (hi Elvis!). Sure, he's not covered in sequins, and he's a border collie, not a hound dog, but he's still a great dog with a great name.

One of my favorite things about Elvis is that when he comes to the kennel, he does something he does not do at home. He herds. Something about the way the other dogs come and go just triggers that instinct to stare the other dogs down, willing them to behave. His instinct demands he create order out of chaos. I love to watch Elvis work. It was what he was born to do. Look at him - that's focus!

Many times I struggle with what I'm "supposed" to do. Should I be doing more? Less? Changing jobs? Moving? There's just too many possibilities. Some people believe that they were born to do a certain career or responsibility in their lives. More power to them. I'm not going to argue that is not true. I just don't think it's true for everyone. Some of us bump and blunder through life, doing what is put in front of us. Certainly that can be just as legitimate as "the one thing."

Regardless, focus is important for all we do? What takes your eyes off your work? What could you be doing better if you improved your focus? It's not all about productivity. Maybe if I focus better, I can love better. Love makes order from chaos.

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