Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Platytime Activities at the Kennel

This is not a dog fight!

This is Riley (hi Riley) and Charlie Bob (good to see you again!). They became fast friends and as soon as they got outside, they started wrestling and playing. When it was time to come back inside, their tongues were hanging out and their necks were gooey from slobbering on each other.

They were happy.

This is the best case scenario for dogs in my care. If the owners give their approval for their dogs to play with others, and there is one or more dogs that like to play, chances are good they will enjoy their time in the kennel. These dogs eat well and don't complain about going back in to their kennel runs. They sleep better too.

This reminded me of how much easier life can be when we get along well with others. Not every dog in the kennel likes to play, and I certainly don't like everyone I meet. However, there's a lot to be said for making an effort.

People, regardless of age, need to "play." We need an outlet for our "every dayness" of life. We have many choices. The most satisfying, though, are those that involve other people. I have a tendency to be a hermit. Sometimes I have to make myself go out and be social. God has made us to be in community with others, even when it's difficult to do so. And when I do make myself go out, I'm always happier, and I sleep better at night!

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