Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Sharing is Hard

Left to right, meet Cricket and Charlie Bob (hi Cricket! hi Charlie Bob!). Being a Border Collie, Cricket enjoys order and minding her possessions. Charlie Bob, being a 4 month old Goldendoodle, enjoys playing, constantly and without any conditions or boundaries.

In other words, one dog knows all the rules and loves to enforce them, and the other is just learning rules and boundaries. Recipe for disaster? Not necessarily. With supervision (that'd be me), Cricket was able to happily play with her tennis ball while Charlie Bob found a more "age appropriate" activity. Both dogs are at different stages and have different personalities, not unlike children on a playground.

It's also not unlike how God wants us to be with each other. We all have different personalities and maturity levels, both socially and spiritually. God wants us to be patient and loving with each other, not just patronize or "bite back" at those who aren't following the same rules and don't understand boundaries.

Cricket was once a puppy, learning her boundaries. And someday Charlie Bob will grow up (really, he will!) and understand the rules. A little patience and understanding goes a long way toward peace and harmony, both in a dog's world and our own.


  1. I'm sure you said something really worthwhile here, but I am so distracted by the fact that someone named their dog Charlie Bob that I can't focus on anything else....much like a labradoodle puppy.

  2. CB's unique name comes courtesy of the owners' little girl, who refers to the dog (originally just Charlie) as "bub-bub." Now he's Charlie Bob. I suppose the formal paperwork may refer to him as Charles Robert.