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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"That's a Puppy?"

While novelty t-shirts aren't really my thing, if I were to get one, it would read, "I heart Tug" or "Vote for Tug" with this face under it:

Isn't that one adorable face?

That's Tug (hi Tug!) and he's a 6 month old Mastiff PUPPY. That's right, he's still growing. That's my foot (size 7) next to Tug's paw. Wow.

Sometimes what you see is not what it really is. We may think we see a huge dog, while in reality, it's a huge puppy, who lopes around and is clumsy like a toddler. He was super cautious while taking a drink from the pond.

How many times have I made an assumption based on what I saw, only to find out (usually the hard way) that I was wrong. There are also lots of things I've believed about God that I later realized were wrong too.

Things just aren't as they seem. Relying on our experience alone can be a dangerous thing. Asking questions and wanting to learn the truth isn't easy, but it's satisfying and honest. However, it comes with that difficult reality that every now and then, we may be wrong. Then, there's the admitting we're wrong...then acting on what's true. It's not easy. Wouldn't it be nice if we all were a bit more courageous?

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