Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dog Guests

That's Renny (hi Renny!). Renny is a little blurry (sorry), but Renny was rarely still when I met him. He is currently visiting at "Grandma and Grampa's" from out of state.

He's a Havanese, and a busy one at that. He met several new people, coming into a strange home, yet he loved every person who walked in the door. Even though he was new to the place, he seemed very much at home, bringing toys to strangers.

Sometimes I wish I was more like Renny, feeling comfortable away from my true home. Instead, I fumble around, feel disoriented because I don't know where the coffee maker is, and hide if anyone knocks at the door (I'm very mature).

We're away from God, away from our True Home, during the numbered days of our lives. Yet, we still have God's love sustaining us, despite the strange environment in which we currently find ourselves. Perhaps if I remembered that Love and Presence, then I too could relax, greet visitors with confidence, and enjoy my time in a different home.

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