Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nathan Alan Willoughby - First Night in a New Home - Fiction

Nathan Alan Willoughby spent the first three hours of his arrival at Edie's apartment exploring. His soft paws traipsed through each room. Five times. This wasn't especially difficult, given that Edie's apartment had one largish room with a couch and raggedy puffy chair, one small bathroom, one small bedroom, and a tiny kitchen.

Every scent was carefully cataloged in his cat brain. He knew where Edie spent most of her time - on the couch. Evidently she was not in the kitchen much, but the smells in that room were fascinating.

Staring at a crevice in the kitchen is where Edie found him. "What is so interesting, my large kitty friend?" She got down on her hands and knees and stroked his back. Nathan Alan Willoughby began to purr. He thought about taking his eyes off the crevice, but the odor compelled his attentions. Finally, Edie laid flat and fixed her eyes in the same direction as his.

"What is that?" She poked at the crevice. "Eww!" she yelped, hopping up and grabbing a broom. As she scraped up the mouse droppings, she said, "I got you for company, but you are welcome to be the resident exterminator as well."

Later, Edie plopped down on the couch and turned on the television. Nathan Alan Willoughby settled into the chair by her and began to groom. Edie watched him. "I read that when a cat begins to groom, that means he's comfortable and ready to settle in. Is that what you're doing? Are you settling in?" He stopped grooming and looked at her. He didn't know what she said, but her voice went up at the end in an interesting way.

"Do you like it better here than the Westwood Rescue for Good Cats?" she asked. "Maybe my apartment is small, but it's at least a step up for you." She got off the couch and scratched his ears. "Welcome home, Friend."

Nathan Alan Willoughby purred under Edie's attention. His last thought before he drifted off into a deep sleep was he had found what he sensed always existed. At the rescue house, he knew something was missing. This is what it was - love.

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