Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"She's Off Her Feed"

This is Ireland (hi Ireland!). Ireland stayed at the kennel for about a week or so recently. Her owner told me she may not eat well and wasn't much of a treat-eater.

Not a treat eater?! If only I had that problem...

About 20% of the dogs I watch don't eat well when their owners are away. Most owners say this is true when they are gone all day and the dog is home. Dogs tend to be social eaters - they like company. After all, dogs are pack animals and do things as a group. It's also reassuring that "all is right with the world" when their owners are around. Some behaviorist believe dogs will put off eating when the owners are away because they wonder if there next meal may be delayed.

God created us to be with other people. While I do enjoy my alone time, I make an effort to be with people and in "intentional community" (love those buzz words), even though it's difficult many times. Overall, its benefits outweigh the negatives. Even the negatives can be used for good, actually.

What is the hardest thing for you with relationships with others? What keeps you away? What draws you in? What is your dogs favorite treat?

1 comment:

  1. laziness is what keeps me away. everytime. that an my little bit of an introverted personality. but i need people or i am left alone w/ my own thoughts and that leads to feeling depressed and too much of an inward focus . . . being w/ people helps me to forget about myself a little and look to other's and what they're concerns in life happen to be so that i realize it's not all about me afterall. my dog garbo's favorite treat seems to be lilly's toy plastic hamburgers.