Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I've Got Something to Say"

This is Sandy (hi Sandy!). Sandy is a talker.

Just ask her owners. She'll tell you how she feels about EVERYthing.

"There's a time for talking and there's a time for shutting up." That's a (very loose) paraphrase from Ecclesiastes, and the 1960's band "The Birds" put it to music. Living alone, I find myself at the extremes. I may find that I haven't talked much all day. Then, when I'm with people, I can't seem to stop talking. It takes a lot of self-discipline to find the middle ground.

To me, all of life is like that - a tight rope, a balance beam, a....put your analogy here. Our society goes to extremes, with moderation not valued. "All You Can Eat" is not supposed to be a personal challenge. Staying awake ALL NIGHT or sleeping all day - not really the ideal lifestyle. Yet our extremes are what we boast about to friends and coworkers.

Sure, a conversation doesn't go very far if you report over the water cooler you ate three balanced meals and slept for eight hours, and put in the recommended amount of exercise. Boring, right? Maybe.

The thing is, none of us ever "get it right" no matter how hard we try. Trying is good - seek the balance that is healthy. But, don't beat yourself up when you fail because I'll be right there next to you, failing. God prescribes for us a physically, mentally and spiritually better way to live. We won't live up to it, but striving for it is for our own benefit. And when we inevitably fall short, God still loves us.

What is your moderation challenge? Is it easier to see it in others than yourself? Have you managed to "get a grip" on one area of your life only to find a different challenge? What do you like to talk about?

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  1. What do I talk about? How I wish I talked less! It is always my struggle. What have I overcome - I've learned in my own life the battle w/ anxiety and depression can be overcome. I used to think when it hit it would never leave - but now I hand it to God and while it is still often a struggle - It leaves and then if there is a next time I know I will win the battle again for I'm walking through it with Him at my side slaying this giant. Did I just talk too much?!