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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stealing Your Joy...I mean Toys

This is Tanner (hi Tanner!). During a recent stay at the kennel, another dog stole his toys. Actually, that dog stole all the other dogs toys (it's a long story). That meant I was the one who had to sort through which toys belonged to which dog. In other words, relying on my memory was needed, and that's always a dicey proposition.

I sent Tanner's toys home with another dog and the other owner can't find them. So, I need to reimburse Tanner (oh yeah, I need to write that on my to do list!) for his lost toys.

During the course of our lives, there are plenty of incidents in which we have our toys taken from us, leaving us less than joyful. It can leave us bitter. I've heard many Christ-followers proclaim no one can steal their joy. And I understand what they are saying - a deep sense of peace is indeed joy. However, don't we all get really bummed out now and then? Sad...depressed...sometimes we're even despondent. God gave us a lot of emotions and I personally don't think we should feel too guilty about feeling them. Perhaps we shouldn't stay with some of those emotions too long, but we can pass through them.

What do you do when someone "steals your joy?" What is your current favorite "toy?" What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?


  1. when someone steals my joy i get in a big tizzy and usually end up having a fit before going to God to reach for it again. not proud of it, but it's true. now what was the other question? oh yeah,toy . . .oh my netbook . . . but as a kid . . . barbie dolls and thumbalina . . . ahhhhh . . . oh and their was the pogo stick and hula hoop both of which i'm still able to do and they still bring me lots of joy when i do.

  2. by the way, it upsets me when other Christians make you feel like you're a lesser Christian when you feel those emotions. it almost makes me question whether or not they've ever really experienced them - as in if you ever experienced anxiety a person would not make such a high and mighty comment. just saying.

  3. I had a really cool hippity-hop. Then I fell off it and I have a scar on my chin from the hippity's betrayal. . Life is so cruel...

    It seems some people are afraid of their emotions and that's why they refuse to feel them. Maybe they think they are "ungodly" if they allow themselves a moment's negative or questioning thought.

  4. I don't remember my favorite toy, though I did have a Mrs. Beasley Doll. She had short orange hair and glasses and now it seems that I've grown up to look like her.
    I find that sometimes I see the possibility of someone stealing my joy and I get into a tizzy before it even happens, often making myself and others crazy. And it seems that what I end up doing is stealing my own joy. I guess it's a pre-emptive strike.