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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slaying Giants

This is Bailey (hi Bailey!). Bailey's owners told me that he has "little dog syndrome." For those of you who have never heard of this, it's when a small dog has no qualms whatsoever of taking on a bigger dog. Sometimes, a MUCH bigger dog.

Perhaps it is foolish for a small dog to have a big attitude, particularly when it might get them in trouble. However, I find it respectable. Maybe it's because I don't always know when to keep my "bark" to myself.

Sometimes God gives people a double dose of courage. While I don't think I fall under that particular category (mine is probably under "foolishness" instead), David took on Goliath and that turned out pretty good for him, yah?

So, what are the giants in your life? Can you slay them on your own? How's that workin' for you? Have you seen a little dog in action?

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  1. Anxiety and Depression or rather getting into a funk . . . but w/ God by my side and my armor of God tightly on I win this battle . . . i'm not going to lie, God has blessed me w/ American medicines that help, too, but i see it as just that gifts from God - meaning i still need Him to get through these giant times . . . the cool thing - He is always faithfull . . . it's me that needs to remember like David to stay on my knees and remind myself constantly He will get me through this and all Giant Times that may come my way.