Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

That's Foster (hi Foster)! He's playing with his absolute favorite toy, the Blue Bunny. Sure, there's Blue Bunny ice cream (which is one of my favorite things), but Foster has managed to not destroy this toy in the many years it's been around. And it is ONLY his. Tilly doesn't touch it (see her laying back there pretending she doesn't care?). That's right, Blue Bunny is durable and long lasting. What more could you want in a toy?

I have yet to figure out why Tilly has commandeered pretty much every other toy or bone in the house, but stays away from Foster's Blue Bunny. It probably has something to do with dog spit or something.

Foster's other favorite things include anything edible (or semi-edible), herding the cats (Dooley in particular), and playing ball outside. If it didn't sound so much like a singles ad, I'd include "he likes long walks on the beach."

This isn't going to be a spiritual post, but feel free to make it so. What are your favorite things? What are your favorite non-things?

My favorite things: ice cream, honing sarcasm skills with friends, overspiritualizing everything in the world, and exercising so I can eat more ice cream. Oh - and long walks on the beach.

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