Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nathan Alan Willoughby Experiences True Love - Fiction

A cat can experience a lot of life in a very short period of time. This was certainly the case for Nathan Alan Willoughby. Last year, just before the weather turned miserable, two men picked up a pizza and a stray cat from the local Italian restaurant. While the cat didn't mind the dumpster, the rescue organization provided much more reliable food as well as a cushier and safer place to sleep.

He'd spent most of his winter in that old Victorian home, until Edie adopted him in late Spring. He spent his first day exploring the small apartment. The first night, he slept right next to Edie. While he wasn't sure, he probably purred through the whole night.

When Nathan Alan Willoughby looked out the window of the rescue, he was content, but felt within himself the capacity to experience a deeper emotion. He suspected there was more to life. Now he knew what it was. Edie scratched him under the chin, patted him on the head, and massaged his ears.

She measured his dinner out carefully with the admonition that he eat slowly and savor his food. She said the word "diet." He didn't know what it meant, but he knew she intended it for his benefit. So far, she'd not led him wrong, so he'd trust her now too.

The deep rest of that first night was more satisfying than any other. When he lived on the streets, he never fully rested. There was always the danger of stray dogs, overenthusiastic children, and the very loud four wheeled machines that zipped by with their horns blaring. The Victorian house was a refuge, but there were many other cats around, and sometimes they jumped on him. Other times, others would be fighting and wake him from his sleep.

Sleeping next to Edie was different. There was more than safety and warmth. There was trust.

The next morning, the young woman ran around the apartment at a hurried pace. Nathan Alan Willoughby tried to follow her, but he couldn't keep up with her path. First, the bathroom, then the kitchen, then the bathroom, then her bedroom. It was a whirlwind. Of course, he was a very large cat who operated at a relaxed pace.

The air was filled with different fragrances - everything smelled clean. Edie poured more food out for him. "I'll be back after work, Nathan Alan Willoughby. Don't worry. Eat your breakfast and look out the window." With that she was gone.

Nathan Alan Willoughby stared at the door, listening to her steps fade down the staircase. He was still purring. This is what he knew existed but couldn't name before he experienced it. Before he thought only of security, but now he knew there was this deeper feeling - true love.

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