Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Let the Little Dingo Come to Me...."

Perhaps it is wrong to paraphrase scripture.

See how Tilly blocks Foster. I know, it's all a blur. However, every time I call Foster to me, she pounces on him, trying to distract him from approaching me.

Tilly has "the jealousy" of Foster's relationship to me. She wants to interfere with our bond. She prefers to be the only one to have a bond with me. What Tilly doesn't understand is that I'm capable of loving them both.

Jesus' disciples tried to shoe away the "little children." Children were not valuable in those days, but Jesus set them straight.

Isn't that the way some people can be - jealous of others' relationship with God? Can't God love each one of us?

What interferes with your relationship with other people? With God? Do you have the jealousy of others' stuff or relationships?

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