Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Pets of Your Lifetime

When Paula emailed me a picture of Wilson to memorialize him, she also sent me the above picture as a surprise. Who are those adorable little dogs, you may ask? They are Pepsi and Brandy, Paula's dog and my dog, our dogs we had growing up. We were about 9-10 years old, and if memory serves me correctly (always dicey), Brandy lived for 14 years and Pepsi lived 15. That's quite a time span in the lives of two little girls who went through their teens and even into college years.

One of the great things I enjoy at the kennel is watching the children of families grow up, and their dogs along with them. I've now been running my business for twelve and a half years. Some children have gone from youngster to young adult over this time. And their dog along with them. Unfortunately, the dogs don't live nearly as long.

Our pets don't last a lifetime. What really does? But some things endure forever. God's great love is for us now and well into eternity.

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